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Elin Wanderlust

Bezoek alleen op afspraak

I believe that we have forgotten the power that resides in the tranquility, the dirt, and the un-pretty of nature. Through Elin Wanderlüst I show that we should not be afraid to get our hands dirty. I dig up roots, plant seeds, collect bark and shear sheep. I soak, I dye, I wait. We need to stand still, take our time and have a second look before we think of something as dirty and useless. In nature’s tranquility we can find color, excitement and endless possibility. And isn’t that all we really need? I discover and create through nature.

In 2014 I started a natural dye garden were I focus on experimentation and documentation of natural dye and the making of natural dyed fabrics. Each skein of yarn or piece of fabric is colored with natural dyes, using special techniques – sometimes dating back as far as the Middle Ages. These techniques can take hours or even days in order to make each color unique. The colors are achieved entirely through natural dyes made from plants, including roots, bark, wood, flowers, leaves and insects. I show my research through art projects, articles, workshops, products and my blog, while striving for a more sustainable and slower world.

Elin de Jong

Foto: On a hazy morning
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